Benefit from our experience

Based on many years of intensive experience from all sectors of industrial business, business management and the production sector we have a comprehensive knowledge we would be glad to support your business with:


> Chipping production: turning, sawing, drilling, milling, grinding,
> Chipless manufacturing: bending, drawing, edges, pressing,
> Surface treatment: coloring, electroplating,
> Montage: assembly, final assembly, logistics, materials flow,
> Plastic syringes, toolmaking, CSF production,
> Casting: Forms, cleaning, Core,
> Welding: steel, aluminum, stainless steel, MIG / MAG, TIG, ...
> Separation methods: cutting, laser cutting,
> Maintenance, ...


> Job preparation, production control,
> Development, sales, marketing, service,
> Accounting, cost accounting, controlling,
> Human beings, secretariats,
> Purchasing, logistics, materials management,
> Quality assurance, quality control
> Household goods, property management,
> Maintenance
> DV, information technology,

Organisation and Management

> Organizational structure
> Review of the company - organization, depending on the speed of preparation.
> Development of a proper distribution of tasks and effective organizational structure.
> Methods, such as
     - Tasks breakdown
     - Functional distribution,
     - Case Number Identification,
     - interview techniques.
> Introduction of tasks and job descriptions