OP&S Software GmbH

Effective data management as the basis of efficient business processes

Central starting point for ensuring economic efficiency and competitiveness remains the tailor-made organisation of company procedures when facing the altered challenges of today. The arrangenment and optimisation of business processes is based on the actual and target data of working procedures that are an integral part of the process chain. For data capture from sites and conversion of actual data to planning data, the OP&S Software GmbH has developed tools for a computer-supported and extremly rational working method lending the work of time-organisation a new quality altogether.

Make use of the experts' experience

The OP&S concept has been developing since 1988 together with the GEBA (Gesellschaft für betriebliche Arbeitsgestaltung mbH). Over 20 GEBA production engineers have been using these software modules in their projects both at home and abroad. They suggest  practice-oriented improvements and enhancements which improve the software's performance and which are regularly implemented in subsequent updates of the system.

In the course of further development a universal solution was created which can be applied in all production fields and branches of economy without exception. This system operates in the most varied fields. The users analyse and plan all stages of the production chain from the order to shipping. The experience from many projects is collected at production from the fabrication of separate parts to final assembly and thus the customer benefits from all of them.